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UFC Betting HeaderThe Ultimate Fighting Championship – or UFC – began life in 1993 as a battle between martial arts styles to determine the ultimate fighting style. Such a contest proved impossible, like deciding which soccer team is the greatest in history. And so UFC evolved as fighters adapted their fighting styles to incorporate different styles, giving birth to the multi disciplined Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) that make UFC Fight Nights some of the most anticipated events on the planet for fight fans. The popularity of UFC/MMA has grown ever since its launch, producing superstars like Anderson Silva, Amanda Nunes and Conor McGregor. The sport’s ever-growing popularity makes for online betting promotion opportunities from international sportsbooks like Parimatch and 888 Sport, and for the betting public across the world.

How often do UFC bouts take place?

UFC cards have increased in frequency as the sport has evolved and become more popular, with fights now taking place every Saturday night. Events are staged all over the world including at various locations in the U.S., UAE and Brazil. The venues that host UFC fights vary in size by venue, with the highest attendance recorded for a UFC fight still remaining the epic 2011 bout that saw arguably the best 170lb fighter of all time, Georges St. Pierre, defeat Jake Shields in front of 55,000 fans at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada.

What kind of bets can I place on UFC fights?

Like most sports UFC/MMA features different kinds of bets you can place at your favorite bookie. The most straightforward bets you can opt for when you place bets online on UFC fights are outright bout winners, or moneyline bets. However, at top sportsbooks like Betfair you can also bet on markets like Method of Victory (by KO, TKO or Submission, for example), Round Betting or Method and Round Combo. The odds and returns increase for the more specific bets, and as always when betting online the payouts are reflected by the odds.

Do online bookmakers offer UFC promotions?

Bookies often post special bets that include a mixture of bouts and methods of victory, particularly for the most anticipated fight nights in the UFC calendar. Some sportsbooks like Parimatch place UFC as a more favoured sport, and include a variety of MMA cards outside of the UFC, such as Bellator and M1-Global.

Can I watch UFC cards via my online bookie?

In a word, no! The rights for UFC cards are worth billions of dollars (ESPN signed a $1.5billion deal in 2019 for the exclusive rights to stream UFC bouts on ESPN+ and show bouts on its cable channels in a five-year deal), though other UFC/MMA competitions are available on other networks like HDnet (for U.S. fans). While you can place bets on UFC at your favorite online sportsbook you won’t be able to stream the fights live without a pay-per-view pass. You can also register with affiliate sites that direct you to the stream operator in your territory, such as BT Sport in the UK and DAZN in Spain, Italy and Germany.


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