Small Stakes Betting Guide

The key to making long term profits from online sports betting is the knowledge through which you place your bets, though with small stakes betting you can give yourself a statistical advantage. You might get lucky placing each way bets on high priced horses, but the key in winning consistently is knowing when a horse is good value, which takes time, effort and research. Knowledge of the sport on which you are betting is also key to small stakes betting when placing soccer bets online, which players are out injured, which teams like to attack and which teams and leagues have the worst defences. Ice Hockey is a sport that sees goals galore, with rarely a 0-0 seen. Online sportsbooks like Bet365 often offer low odds on period goal markets, but in high scoring games and leagues like the NHL and KHL the opportunities to land low odds wins at small stakes is huge.

Small stakes betting for online soccer bets

Small stakes betting strategy takes aim at low odds and high probability. Rather than bet on outright favourites to win soccer games, such as a mismatch like Bayern Munich taking on Manchester United in the Champions League Final, you bet on low odds but highly probable outcomes. Take the Over/Under Total Goals and Over/Under First Half Goals as perfect examples. In high scoring leagues such as the MLS or the Netherlands Eredivisie, these Over/Under bets offer massive value. Thanks to sportsbooks operating round the clock you also have 24 hour access to online sports bets, which also gives you access to some of the highest scoring leagues in the world, no matter where you are.

Small stakes betting for horse racing bets

Placing horse racing bets online has never been easier, and anyone who has bet on major races such as the Cheltenham Festival, Kentucky Derby or Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe knows that favorites don’t always win. When Tiz The Law was odds on to win the 2020 Kentucky Derby but was pipped by Bob Baffert’s 8/1 outsider Authentic, punters and bookies were dismayed and delighted in equal measure. A $1 +800 bet has an implied probability of 11%, while Tiz The Law’s price of -167 offered a probability of 62.5%. This is not a great example of online small stakes betting, though plenty of punters took up the widely available price of +600 (6/1) for Authentic to win the Breeders Cup Classic at Keeneland, which he duly obliged. Knowing the form of both jockey and horse, ground raced on, weight handicaps and form of the yard at the racetrack are key factors when looking to secure wins from small stakes each way horse racing bets.

In-play small stakes betting

Just as odds change in the run up to sporting events, they also change during the game. Waiting for the odds to become more favorable is a popular strategy when placing small stakes bets online. Ice Hockey is the perfect example. For such a high scoring sport with few 0-0 score lines, the odds of goals scored increase as long as the game or period remain 0-0. With optimum odds for betting probability ranging between 1.4-1.6 (-250 – -167) you can wait for the live odds to increase until they sit between this range. At 1.5 a $1 bet returns $1.50, a strategy which offers low returns but high probability of landing. The real skill comes in understanding which teams, games and leagues have the best records when it comes to scoring in the first, second or third period of an ice hockey match. Waiting for odds to increase is not without its dangers, either. A team could score within the first few minutes, at which point the odds line changes and you have to rethink.

Adapting small stakes betting strategy for other sports

The principals of small stakes betting outcomes can be adapted to fit any sport on which you can bet online, which is most sports! Bookies like Bet365 and BetVictor offer scores of different sports that offer live odds as well as pre match betting. By keeping your bets small you are both limiting your liability and maximising your probable chance of return. The key to success in small stakes betting online comes from in-depth knowledge of the sports and teams on which you are betting and, in the case of outdoor team sports or horse racing, the ground and conditions they are playing in.