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The NHL is the most exciting ice hockey competition in the world. Accept no substitutes. Millions of hockey fans all over the U.S. and other regions of the world tune in to watch the top teams battle out the season as they bid to lift the famous Stanley Cup in the fall. The NHL has plenty of highly competitive teams alongside one of the most exciting playoffs structures in U.S. sports. Every season is full of surprises, incredible plays, and, crucially for online betting in the U.S., profitable gains.

Know your teams and the competition

Every hockey fan slams their sticks to watch the unfolding of the Stanley Cup, the biggest event in every hockey season. Hardcore fans might watch every minute of every game of heavyweights in the competition like the Pittsburgh Penguins, Colorado Avalanche, Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins and Washington Capitals. Any of these teams have the potential to win the playoffs, and there is always room for upsets. And, like every season, there will be thrills, spills and fights along the way! Expect guts, drama and plenty of power play points to sink your sporting teeth into.

Best types of NHL bets

Like the rest of the sports covered on World Sports Betting, the NHL has different types of bets for you to choose from, both in game and pre-match. Knowing their differences and how to properly place them is a must if you are serious about making profits off your NHL knowledge and predictions. NHL games can turn on their heads with a single power play.

  1. NHL Spread Bets: Puck line bets, as these are also known, is a type of bet based on the idea of leveling the playing field between favorite and outsider. The spread usually reflects the number of goals a team needs to win. When placing a bet, make sure to study the odds beside each team. The team with a “+” in the odds box is the underdog, while the team with the “-” next to its name is the favorite. The line on which the spread is set can vary throughout the game as the ice ebbs and flows, so you need to stay on top of the odds when you are betting in-game.
  2. NHL Future Bets: The whole point of this type of bet is to foresee an event that could take place in the future. These are bets placed long in advance of the start of the competition. Generally, people bet on which team will win the Stanley Cup, or which teams make the playoffs. These bets often have higher odds due to the variables involved, but betting on outrights also ties up your betting dollars in outcomes many months away.
  3. NHL Moneyline Bets: Moneyline Bets are straight up the most common type of bets of them all. Pick the winning team to land the bet. Of course, hockey can be as unpredictable as any sport, so the favorites don’t always win. The more a team pushes to get back in the game, the more chance of them conceding a power play, a penalty that sees them reduce a man for between 2-5 minutes. Then it’s up to the other team to make the power play count.


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