San Diego Padres Tommy Pham Out For 4-6 Weeks

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If any injury is going to rule you out of a MLB game it’s a broken hand, and that’s exactly what San Diego Padres’ outfielder Tommy Pham has been diagnosed with. Pham could miss the rest of the regular season. This Monday, the team’s manager Jayce Tingler confirmed the injury during an interview with MLB Network Radio, and the boss added that he expects a full recovery for the injury in as much as 6 weeks.

Even though this is terrible news for the Padres, Tingler has hope that Pham can return ahead of schedule to help the team in the last stretch of the competition. Pham is a tough cookie, and he has a very high pain tolerance. In his own words, “Knowing Tommy, knowing his pain tolerance, I think we’re hoping – is there a chance that that gets sped up a week, two weeks – somewhere in there just, knowing who Tommy is”. The manager has high confidence that Pham will do whatever he can to help reach the playoffs.

Pham suffered the injury during an unfortunate swing in the ninth inning of Sunday’s 5-4 loss to Arizona Diamondbacks. Right away, he asked to leave the game and the alarms rose immediately. “We knew it was not gonna be good when Tommy’s coming out of the game with the game on the line. You’re kinda expecting the worst,” said Tingler.

Tingler also suggested that Pham will undergo surgery to speed up the recovery. So far, the outfielder is feeling positive, and is focused on his rehabilitation and training.

Tingler has confirmed that the player has not given up, and he is very focused on the prize of getting back in time to help the Padres in the playoffs. Bet365 bumped the Padres at 12/1 to win the division immediately after the game, and since they still have a shot to qualify for the expanded 16-team field playoffs they are doing everything they can to make it happen. Their current record of 11-12 on the season is not good but it is not game over as yet. Nonetheless, they have suffered 5 defeats in a row, and things are not looking as sharp as a few weeks ago.

It will be a heavy loss for the team. Let’s remember that Pham was part of a five-player swap with Tampa Bay last December. Ever since he has steadily adapted to the team dynamics, and in his first season, he has a line of .207/.316/.293 (74 OPS+) and two home runs. He is considered a nice fit, and the managers are expecting big things from the player for the remainder of his contract. For the time being, Tingler has promoted outfielder Josh Naylor to replace Pham on the roster.

The following weeks will be critical for the Padres. They will be hoping their star outfielder undergoes a fast recovery and he can get back to the roster with enough time to help the team secure a spot in the playoffs.


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