NBA Draft Tiebreakers are in!

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The NBA has finally announced the last results of its draft tiebreakers this Monday. At last, we have the order for both the draft lottery which will take place on Thursday night, along with the order of picks 15-60 for the famous NBA draft, as of now scheduled for October 16.

To the surprise of many, the Sacramento Kings earned an extra Ping-Pong ball in the big lottery pool as well as in the 11th slot in the NBA draft, but only if the teams behind them don’t move up in a tiebreaker with New Orleans Pelicans.

After the results were announced, experts agreed that there is one lottery pick that could change hands in the coming weeks since the Boston Celtics can get the Memphis Grizzlies’ first-round pick (so far slotted 14th overall) unless Memphis decides to move in the top four for this year’s draft. If this scenario plays out, Boston (which has 26th and 30th pick in the first round) will receive an “unprotected pick” from Memphis for the following season.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia 76ers were beneficiaries of a three-way tiebreaker with the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz for the 21st spot. In the end, the Rockets secured the 22nd and the Jazz the 23rd pick. To the surprise of many, the 76ers got the pick from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Not many can recall that this pick was originally traded by OKT in 2016, and was top-20 protected this season. The balance for the Thunder is positive since they have one fewer loss than the Miami Heat given the unbalanced schedule caused by the changes in the current NBA season.

Likewise, the NBA changed its approach to how it will handle the second round. Right now, the 14 teams that didn’t make the playoffs will get their picks 31-44 and their draft slots will be determined by their record when the season shut down back on March 11. That means that picks 45-60 in the second round will take place later on by the 16 teams that made the playoffs inside the bubble at Disney World Resorts. Their picks will also be determined by the record for each team after the eight seeding games take place.

Like every year, the NBA draft and the picks in the draft lottery are highly anticipated, especially by those teams that want to reinforce their squads. A big part of the mystery has dissolved but until the playoffs are finished, there is nothing else to do but wait for results. If this season was full of action, drama and surprises, next season is already getting ready to kick off with that momentum to deliver a whole lot more. NBA fans can only wait and watch for the surprises in the coming months!


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