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The MLB season is one of the longest in the U.S. 30 teams battle it out over 162 games from March to October before being crowned the ultimate baseball champ at the World Series, one of the most famous events in world sports betting. If you are new to online baseball betting, the sheer number of games means you have plenty of time throughout the season to get accustomed to betting strategies. Or you can use the regular season as practice for the playoffs, the season finale.

Create your own MLB betting strategy

You have a total of 2,430 games before the playoffs to become an expert in MLB online bets. If you are a fan of the biggest teams like the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox or Chicago Cubs, you need to know your team’s weaknesses and strengths. Teams like these are always favorites but they can lose when you least expect it, making baseball stats from previous games a big part of baseball betting. Just like the big hitters in MLB aren’t guaranteed to make the playoffs or the World Series. The New York Yankees are the most decorated team in MLB history, but in Major League Baseball history is no guarantee of success.

Most popular MLB online bets

There are plenty of MLB online bets for you to choose from that offer you new ways to profit from your predictions. Similar to placing NHL bets, which offer puck line bets, run line bets are popular in the MLB. These are effectively handicap bets, as you find in most other sports, and offer more value when betting on favorites or outsiders.

  1. Run Line Bets: With this type of bet, you simply have to choose a game-winner with the handicap added for the outsider or subtracted for the favorite. For example, the Boston Red Sox play the New York Yankees and the Yankees are slight favorites. To reach better value for the odds you might opt to play a run line bet on the Yankees -1.5, meaning the Yankees have to win by two clear runs to win the bet.
  2. Moneyline bets: Moneyline bets are the most straightforward of them all. You only have to choose which team is going to win and you get paid relative to the odds if they win. Due to its simplicity, the odds between the teams tend to be closer for Moneyline bets.
  3. Series Bets: This type of bet is reserved for the postseason. The postseason is a series of games that are done in a “best of” series format. You simply need to bet on how the series will end.
  4. Proposition bets: Proposition or “prop” bets offer fun options for bets in baseball, but they can be hard to land at times. You place a wager on whether or not something will happen. In MLB, this usually refers to the number of hits in an innings, the first team to hit a home run or a race to a number of runs. There are plenty of other prop bets to choose from that spice up your betting options with the bat.


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