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Europe might be the continent on which playing Handball is most popular, but the fast-paced, high scoring sport is gaining popularity across the world. The 2021 World Handball Championships was broadcast widely, with non traditional handball watchers such as the UK, where the sport is hardly played, able to watch the championship on Sky TV. Other broadcasters across the world, including ESPN and Huya in China, broadcast the games played from host country Egypt to over a billion fans across the globe.

With such viewership it is no surprise that online bookmakers offer handball betting markets in their sportsbooks. While placing bets on handball might not be worth as much to bookies as worldwide mainstream sports like online soccer betting, its popularity is growing, even among non-fans. For any punter not already placing online bets on handball and looking to broaden their betting interests, the many handball seasons across national leagues and international tournaments offer plenty of betting markets, including moneyline bets, points totals and half betting.

What are the rules of handball?

Unlike in soccer, no team is allowed to keep possession of the ball without trying to attack. This makes for high scoring games in handball, often providing excellent ammunition for placing handball bets online. But that’s not to say that defences in handball aren’t important either, just as they are in any other team sport. The main rules of handball are:

  • A competitive handball game consists of two equal 30 minute halves, plus overtime and potential penalty shootouts in knockout competitions.
  • Players can run with the ball for a maximum of three steps, and hold it for a maximum of three seconds.
  • When dribbling, players must bounce the ball. However, players can not “double dribble”, i.e. dribble, hold and dribble again.
  • Only the goalkeeper is allowed in the goal crease (the semi-circular area in front of the goal).
  • Players cannot punch, hit or pull the ball out of an opponent’s hands.
  • Any type of throw can score a goal.
  • Players can use their torsos to obstruct other players but cannot use outstretched arms or legs to obstruct, push, hold, trip or hit.
  • If a referee spots any infringement, he or she awards a free throw to the opponent.

What are the best online handball bets?

This is a tricky question, because the only bad bets in any sport are losing bets! The options for placing handball bets are not as multiple and varied as online soccer bets, NBA sports bets or NHL bets. The world’s biggest online bookmaker, Bet365, offers the widest variety of handball bets during regular seasons. These include:

  • Game lines – moneyline bets, team totals and handicap bets.
  • Prop bets – double chance, double result (half-time/full time) and winning margin.
  • 1st half props – race to points totals, 1st half team totals, 1st half results.

Which handball competitions can I bet on?

When it comes to placing match bets on handball, most bookies offer them. Some sportsbooks feature more markets than others, so be sure to check the markets your chosen bookie offers. The large tournaments like the IHF World Championships, Olympic Games or EHF Champions League see pre tournament markets like outrights and player props offered, such as MVP and all star goalkeeper.

Which tournaments can I place handball bets on?

Outside of major international tournaments like the IHF World Championships or Olympic Games, the EHF Champions League is the most watched handball competition. This competition is similar to the UEFA Champions League, which is watched by nations across the world. Betting markets available for regular handball league matches tend to depend on your chosen bookmaker. The biggest leagues are the German Handball Bundesliga, the Liga ASOBAL in Spain, the Danish Handball League, and Championnat de France de handball.

What are the best handball betting strategies?

As with any online sports betting, any betting strategy must revolve around the intricate knowledge of the sport. If you are new to the sport of handball and are interested in placing handball bets at your favorite bookie, then watching handball games and following results in your chosen leagues or league is a must. Team selection, league position, opponent and recent form all play parts in making informed bets on handball. If you are planning to regularly place online handball bets then keeping up to date with news, transfers and results is key to maximising your chances of creating your own successful handball betting strategy.

What kind of stakes should I use when betting on handball?

For anyone new to the sport, using a small stakes betting strategy is wise to begin with. Once you are confident in your methods and results, you can begin to up your stakes accordingly. Placing bets within your means plays one part in responsible gambling, and online bookmakers are obliged in many territories to ensure that their customers play within their means by using deposit limits, time outs and take a break features.

When does the handball season start?

This depends on which competition you are betting on and where you are in the world. The only four professional leagues in handball take place in Germany, Spain, France and Denmark, whose seasons begin in September/October and run through until April/May. Some leagues like the Liga ASOBAL in Spain take a winter break, whereas German Bundesliga handball games continue throughout the festive period and finish earlier. The main benefit of this difference in league start and finish times for online handball betting is that the schedules allow online bookies the chance to offer more handball markets throughout the year.

What are the main handball competitions outside Europe?

Europe may contain the world’s only professional handball leagues, but handball is still popular across the globe, particularly in the Middle East, Asia and South America. Handball is also popular in parts of North Africa, particularly in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.


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