How To Bet On Esports Guide

How To Bet On Esports

Esports betting is massive, and still growing. Just as in traditional live sports, you can place pre-match or in-play bets on many top Esports, including CS:GO, FIFA and League of Legends. The World Sports Betting Esports betting guide details the most popular Esports, the kind of bets you can place on them and which bookies offer the best Esports markets and promotions. As always, we feature the most up-to-date odds from the world’s best online sportsbooks, leaving you just a click away from placing your Esports bets.

Which Esports can I bet on?

While placing online bets on traditional sports like soccer, NBA and NFL are still as popular among punters as ever, younger audiences, in particular, are placing bets on Esports having followed and played the games on their XBoxes, Playstations and PCs. Major events like the IEM Global Challenge in December will see CS:GO teams from across the world compete for a $500,000 purse, with the winning team taking home $200,000.

Other major tournaments are held in Dota 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty and League of Legends (LOL). Other popular Esports include Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), Starcraft 2 and Rainbow Six.

What kind of bets can I place on Esports?

The most common bets to place on Esports are outright bets for major competitions, such as the League of Legends World Championships, pre-match bets and in-play bets. Pre match Esports bets can take the shape of win bets for CS:GO and Dota 2 matches, or 1×2 bets for sports based games like FIFA and NBA 2K. Over/under and handicap or spread bets are commonly placed by punters when betting on soccer and NBA, but match betting handicaps, map wins and total matches played are also popular bets on Esports.

As with sports matches, the in-play odds on Esports games will shift and change as the game progresses. As one side gains the upper hand over the other team, their match odds will shorten and the losing team will lengthen. Esports teams often have preferred maps, and even if a team is second favourite to win the match their map proficiency can see them overcome higher ranked teams.

Which Esport is best to bet on?

Esports are just like regular sports when it comes to esport betting. The more you know about a team, its recent record and the game itself, the more likely it is you will be able to make successful picks when it comes to Esports bets. If you didn’t know the first thing about American Football it is unlikely you would randomly place a bet on an NFL market, so why do the same with Esports? Esports bets are usually placed by fans of a particular game, or of a particular Esports team. Following form and having knowledge of Esports teams’ map capabilities and proficiencies plays as much a part in Esports betting as similar knowledge does in betting on traditional sports.

League of Legends Betting

LOL is one of the most popular Esports games in the world, with millions of gamers playing daily. LOL Tournaments take place daily, with pro tournaments like the LOL World Championships the ultimate prize. Two teams of five heroes take each other on to win the game, which are played in a best of three format or best of five in pro tournaments. Betting on League of Legends battles takes shape in these common markets:

  • Team to win/Moneyline
  • Handicap Betting
  • Total Rounds
  • Round Betting
  • Prop Bets – e.g. first team to kill a dragon or destroy a tower

CS:GO Betting

CS:GO is one of the most-played Esports online, and therefore also one of the most popular Esports for fans to bet on. Two teams of five compete in a best of 30 match, each team playing both as Terrorists (T) and Counter Terrorists (T). Top bookies like Bet365 offer a wide range of markets on CS:GO matches, including:

  • Team to win/Moneyline
  • Handicap Betting
  • Total Maps
  • Round Betting
  • Round Handicaps

It’S also possible to bet on CS:GO in other forms; rather than betting on the outcome of matches, you can bet with ‘skins’ on some sites. This is a relatively new phenomenon, and there are few legit csgo gambling sites out there, so choose carefully.

Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 sees two teams of five battle against each other as they seek to defend their own bases from the other team. Each team player controls a powerful “hero”, each with its own offensive and defensive attributes and abilities. Online sportsbooks offer pre-match and in-play markets on bets such as:

  • Win Match/Moneyline
  • Handicap betting
  • Map Kills/Race to #Kills
  • Prop bets such as First Tower, First Barracks, First Roshan.

FIFA Betting

Placing bets on FIFA games is like placing online soccer bets on any football games or tournaments. FIFA partners with game developer EA to deliver pro FIFA tournaments throughout the year, which you can preview and place bets on outright markets before the tournaments kick off. Just like betting on soccer, you can bet in-play to take advantage of odds shortening or lengthening during the game. Most popular FIFA bets include:

  • Winner/Moneyline
  • Correct Score
  • Over/Under
  • Both Teams To Score (BTTS)

NBA 2K Betting

As with FIFA, EA’s NBA 2K has become as popular to bet on as NBA matches themselves. Major tournaments like the NBA 2K League and the NBA 2K20 Global Championship attract thousands of viewers and plenty of punters too. The NBA 2K League Finals saw over 1.1million viewers tune in on Twitch alone, while those watching through their online bookie accounts will have taken that figure up yet further. Popular NBA 2K bets are:

  • Winner/Moneyline
  • Spreads/Handicaps
  • Over/Under Total Points
  • Player Bets/Points Made
  • Quarter Bets